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1 Malware
1.1 Computer Worm
1.1.1 This a virus that can spread between one computer and another/ like across the network too and try's to sent to friends via emails and social networks etc. Goes through memory and hardrive
1.2 Trojan horse
1.2.1 Is a virus which is hidden or is attached to something else to get into your files Stand alone program which blends in Designed to steal information
1.3 Phishing
1.3.1 This is an email that is sent by someone who wants something that shouldn’t have eg bank details and your information They will send you and email that looks official. E.G. bank provider If you respond they will take your details and information and hack you and possibly shutdown your computer
1.4 Spyware
1.4.1 This is where someone can see everything you put and its like a camera which records it to. It makes it so people can see what you put and help people hack you and take your information. E.G. passwords bank information
1.5 Fraud
1.5.1 Is simile to phishing. Is intentional deception in order gain information
1.6 Cookie
1.6.1 This is a small file which stores everything you do and what you have put. From a website and it tracks what your doing or where your going.
1.7 malware
1.7.1 Malicious software designed to cause damage to the computer and network.
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