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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on GCSE ICT, created by Dannii Stevenson on 05/07/2013.

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1 Gaming
1.1 Age Ratings
1.2 Content
1.3 Imagination
1.4 Escape reality
2 Social Networking
2.1 Facebook
2.2 Twitter
2.3 Skype (VoIP)
2.4 Forums
2.5 Games consoles (Xbox Live)
3 Online Banking
3.1 Quick, easy and no hassle
3.2 Could be dangerous if you have auto log-in on
3.3 NEVER give out your bank/personal details to anyone but the "Big Cheese" (Bank manager or deputy)
3.4 Handy and you can access your account at your own home
4 Health impacts linked with gaming
4.1 RSI
4.2 Thinking CoD is ok in real life
4.3 LAZY!
4.4 Loss of social life
5 Safety on the Internet
5.1 Use complex passwords
5.2 Do not befriend strangers
5.3 Do not give out personal details
5.4 Report incidents of bullying or harassment
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