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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Keywords, created by Lauren Vardy on 05/07/2013.

Lauren Vardy
Created by Lauren Vardy over 6 years ago
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1 Processor
1.1 The higher the number the faster it is. Does all the calculations, the ‘brain’ of the computer. Usually measured in GHz.
2.1 Temporary memory. The higher the RAM the more things you can do at once. Better graphics and videos require more RAM.
3 Hard Drive
3.1 Primary storage area. Measured in bytes (gigabytes). 1000 gigabytes= terabyte. The bigger the more data can be stored.
4 Wireless Enabled
4.1 Pick up Wi-Fi signals and connect to internet. Slower than a cable due to distortion. Can’t travel through lots of thick walls. Connects other devices together.
5 USB Connection
5.1 Universal Serial Bus. It’s the most common thing on a computer. Many peripherals are connected this way. It’s good to have a lot of USB ports.
6 Sound/ Graphics Card
6.1 Fixed to the main motherboard. Plays, record and displays graphics. If you see a lot of sound/ graphics it is an important thing to consider. Gamers usually have very expensive graphics cards.
7 Optical Drive
7.1 CD or DVD drive. Allows you to install software, listen to and watch films. Some optical drives allow you to burn CDs/DVDs. Useful for data transfers, backing up and archiving.

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