DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Advantages and Disadvantages

Dana Flint
Mind Map by , created over 6 years ago

GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Advantages and Disadvantages, created by Dana Flint on 05/07/2013.

Dana Flint
Created by Dana Flint over 6 years ago
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DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Advantages and Disadvantages
1.1 Digital Poster
1.1.1 Put them anywhere where people can see
1.1.2 Bright and colourful
1.1.3 Grabs peoples' attention
1.1.4 Cheap to make
1.2 Flyer
1.2.1 Small and easy to hand out
1.2.2 Bright and colourful - eye ctaching
1.2.3 Grabs peoples' attention
1.2.4 Make sure people have them
1.2.5 Lots of info on a small thing
1.3 Email
1.3.1 Electronic
1.3.2 Only people you want can see it
1.3.3 Can't get lost
1.3.4 Goes straight to the person
1.3.5 Save paper - don't have to print
1.4 Letter
1.4.1 Send it to who you wants
1.4.2 Have lots of info
1.5 E-Card
1.5.1 can keep forever or a while
1.5.2 Easy to send to lots of people at once
1.5.3 Contain animation
2.1 Digital Poster
2.1.1 Can fly away
2.1.2 Not everyone will see it
2.1.3 Not much info
2.2 Email
2.2.1 Might not check emails
2.2.2 might not send
2.2.3 Links might not work
2.2.4 Can be forwarded
2.2.5 Might not have easy access to internet
2.3 Flyer
2.3.1 Not everyone takes them
2.3.2 Blow away
2.3.3 Put in bin
2.3.4 Get wasted
2.3.5 Time consuming
2.4 Letter
2.4.1 Might not get here in time
2.4.2 Might get lost on way there
2.4.3 Sent to wrong address
2.4.4 Stamps cost a lot of money
2.5 E-Card
2.5.1 No internet access
2.5.2 Hard to design

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