Features of a computer

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Features of a computer
1 Processor
1.1 does all the calculations
1.2 often measured in Ghz
1.3 higher the number, faster it is
2 Memory (RAM)
2.1 temporary memory
2.2 better graphics and videos require more RAM
3 Hard drive size
3.1 primary storage area
3.2 measured in bites (gigabytes)
3.3 the bigger, more data can be stored
4 Wireless enabled
4.1 pick up wifi signals
4.2 connect to internet
4.3 slower than a cable due to distortion
4.4 can travel through lots of thick walls
5 USB connection
5.1 many peripherals (mice,keyboards) are connected this way
5.2 stands for Universal Serial Bus
6 Sound and graphics card
6.1 fix to the motherboard
6.2 play, record and display graphics
6.3 gamers usually have expensive graphics cards
7 Optical drive
7.1 CD or DVD drive
7.2 useful for data transfer, backing up and archive
7.3 allows you to install software and listen to music/watch films
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