New Right perspective on education

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New Right perspective on education
1 Believe in meritocracy and natural talent
2 Different to Functionalist in that they don't believe the current education system is beneficial
3 Solution - remove state influence from schools and introduce marketisation
3.1 Competition will bring greater choice, diversity and efficiency
4 Chubb and Moe: consumer choice
4.1 State education failed to create equality
4.2 Inefficient in producing skilled workers
4.3 Private schools do well as they are answerable to the consumer - parents
4.3.1 Students from WC do 5% better in private schools
5 Two roles for the state
5.1 Quango organisations such as Ofsted remain to create competition
5.2 Transmitting a shared culture through the NC
6 Critcisms
6.1 Only benefits the MC who can use their cultural and economic capital to access the better schools
6.2 Marxist - transmits ideology of RC
6.3 Ignores social inequality
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