Article 1

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Powers in Article 1

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Article 1
1 Legislative Powers
1.1 Bills and Resolutions
1.1.1 Revenue bills must begin in the HOR
1.1.2 Bills must be given to president to sign/ veto
1.1.3 2/3 vote in congress to override a veto
2 Powers of Congress
2.1 Lay and collect taxes to pay debts, provide defense
2.2 Borrow Money
2.3 Regulate Commerce
2.3.1 Foreign Nations
2.3.2 Interstate Commerce
2.3.3 Indian Tribes
2.4 Rules For Naturalization
2.4.1 Over 18
2.4.2 Lawfully admitted for permanent residence
2.4.3 Lived in the US for 5 years
2.4.4 Lived in state for 6 months
2.4.5 take oath of allegiance
2.4.6 Take comprehension test
2.5 Banckuptcy laws
2.6 Coin money
2.7 Punish counterfeiting- secret service
2.8 Establish Post office, roads
2.9 Promote Science and Arts and protect exlusive rights
2.10 Establish Lower Courts
2.11 Punish Piracies and offenses agaings law of nations
2.12 Declare War
2.13 Grant letters of Marque and Reprisal
2.14 Rules Concering captures on land and water
2.15 Raise armies- money lasts 2 years
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