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GCSE ICT Mind Map on virus's, created by charliem79 on 05/07/2013.

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1 worm irus
1.1 A virus that goes through the hard drive and memory of the computer and spread around a network and pass on through social networks and other sites that passes on information to other computers to course damage to them.
2 trojan virus
2.1 A stand alone program that looks like a document of file on your computer so you don’t know its there then when it’s the right time steals information from the computer and send it to the make of the virus
3 cookies
3.1 Small file which stores everything you do on the internet to track what your doing
4 spyware
4.1 This is a key logger, it unmasks passwords and other important things to gain access to accounts
5 pishing
5.1 An attempt to get information such as usernames and passwords and credit card details
6 These are used to gather information of a computer or damage them and you can stop them with anti-virus software, you get them by the internet or downloading a program
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