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Facts about Cells : Animal Cells, Plants Cells, Yeast and Bacteria Cells. Comment below If this helps you :)

Evangeline Taylor
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1 Animal Cells
1.1 Nucleus
1.1.1 Controls the activties of the cell
1.1.2 Contain Genetic Material
1.2 Cytoplasm
1.2.1 Where most chemical reaction happen
1.2.2 It contains Enzymes
1.3 Ribosome
1.3.1 Where proteins is made in the cell
1.4 Mitochondrion
1.4.1 Where most reaction for respiration take place
1.5 Cell wall
1.6 Cell membrane
1.6.1 Holds the cell together
1.6.2 Controls what go in and out
2 Plants Cells
2.1 A Plant cells have all the features of an animal cell has, plus a few extra:
2.1.1 Rigid Cell wall Made of Cellulose Supports the cell and strengthens it
2.1.2 Permanent Vacuole Contains Cell Sap Weak Solution of Salts and Sugar
2.1.3 Chloroplasts Where Photosynthesis Occur They contain a substance called chlorophyll
3 Yeast Cell
3.1 Singled-Celled Organism
3.1.1 It an Mircoorganism
3.2 Features of the Cells
3.2.1 Nucleus
3.2.2 Cytoplasm
3.2.3 Cell Membrane
3.2.4 Surround by Cell wall
3.2.5 Mitochondria
4 Bacteria Cells
4.1 Single-Celled Microorganism
4.2 Features of the Cells
4.2.1 No Nucleus There is Genetic Material floats in the cytoplasm
4.2.2 Cytoplasm
4.2.3 Cell Membrane
4.2.4 Surround by Cell wall
5 All Living thing are made of Cells