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Facts about Diffusion : Diffusion and Cell Membrane.

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1 Definition
1.1 Simple
1.1.1 The gradual movement of particle from place where there are a lots of them to a place that there are fewer
1.2 Fancy
1.2.1 Diffusion is the spreading out of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of a low concentration
2 Diagram of Diffusion
3 Diffusion happen in both solution and gases
3.1 Because both particle in these substance are free to move about randomly
4 The bigger the difference in concentration, the faster the diffusion rate
5 Diagram of Cell Membrane Diffusion
6 Cell Membrane Diffusion
6.1 It holds the cell together and lets stuff go in and out
6.1.1 Small Molecules can be diffuse Oxgyen Glucose Amino Acids Water
6.1.2 Big Molecules cannot be diffuse, as they can't fit through the membrane Protein Starch