Advantages of Shopping

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Cambridge IGCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Advantages of Shopping, created by zkosev on 05/07/2013.

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Advantages of Shopping
1 Online
1.1 Order at anytime
1.2 Search for bargains, Special offers and/or different prices
1.3 Can be delivered to you
1.4 A wider range of Products
2 Both
2.1 Can compare to different products available
2.2 Ask Friends
2.3 Can see what you are buying
3 High Street
3.1 Can see quality of product you are buying
3.2 No need to wait for product to be delivered as you can carry it home
3.3 You can test the product you are buying
3.4 Can only lose it if its your fault.
3.5 Instant Access
3.6 Negotiate Price
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