Definitions and Explanations

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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Definitions and Explanations, created by Lucy Lesport-Hall on 05/07/2013.

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Definitions and Explanations
1 VoIP
1.1 Example - Skype
1.2 Allows you to keep in contact with others
1.3 Voice Over Internet Protocol
2.1 Internet Message Access Protocol
2.2 Allows user to access email without logging on
2.3 Emails can only be accessed from one computer but are then saved by the ISP so you can go back to the email
3 POP3
3.1 Post Office Protocol
3.2 Requires user to log on before accessing emails
3.3 Emails can be downloaded to the computer and are them deleted from the ISP server
4.1 Global Positioning System
4.2 Can track your current position
4.3 Cannot guide you to certain places, that is Sat Nav
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