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Farming revision

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  1. Types of Farming
    1. Free Range
      1. When animals get to go outside and get fresh air instead of bring stuck in a building all day
      2. Subsistence
        1. When a farmer grows crops and animals to feed their family
        2. Organic
          1. Organic farming does not use chemical fertilisers or feed additives for livestock and also uses crop roation
          2. Nomadic
            1. When a farmer moves from one place to another
            2. Pastoral
              1. A Farmer who grows livestock instead of crops
              2. Arable
                1. Grows crops
              3. Diversification
                1. Farm diversification is when a farm branches out from traditional farming by adding new money making activities. This can be in place of or in addition to its traditional farming pursuits.
                  1. Farm diversification does NOT include increasing the number of animals in the herd
                  2. Changes over time
                    1. More chemicals and machinery used
                      1. Damaging the environment more and more
                        1. Animals are getting less freedom
                          1. More Pollution
                          2. Changes in the UK
                            1. Animals had more fresh air before. Now they are trapped in a building most/all of the time
                              1. All of the ''Changes over time section''
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