Strong Protective Password

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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Strong Protective Password, created by DolphDog on 05/07/2013.

Created by DolphDog over 6 years ago
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Strong Protective Password
1 Don't use a very weak password.
1.1 Use more than one type of letter case.
2 Use symbols to improve your password
2.1 Examples of these symbols are the following: ?,$,%,(,) and * using these in your password will make very strong and hard for hackers to guess.
3 Don't give your password to anybody even your friend
3.1 Your friend might not do anything to your account but if they have spyware that virus will be able to get into your account.
4 You still need a password that is easy to remember so as well as using symbols to improve your password make sure you can remember it.
5 Some websites offer a security question when you sign up to there website and this will be extra security in case you forget your password, other websites might send you a email telling you your password but security questions are becoming more popular.
5.1 If you do decide on using a security question make sure it's one your friends won't be able to answer otherwise they can get onto your account.
5.1.1 Make sure that you can remember the answer to your question so don't make the question too complicated.

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