Temperate Deciduous Woodland - Case Study

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The New Forest - Hampshire

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Temperate Deciduous Woodland - Case Study
  1. Case Study - New Forest
    1. Location
      1. The location of the New Forest is as follows. It is in the Mid-South of the UK. In relation to Southampton it is South West of it and around 5.5 miles. It is in the county of Hampshire
      2. Human uses
        1. Resources
          1. Timber and Timber Products
            1. The New Forest produces approximately 50,000 tonnes of timber per annum, equivalent to over 2,000 lorry loads each year.
              1. The timber comes from areas that are either thinned to promote the growth of the remaining trees or from areas cleared for replanting or restoration to other habitats, such as heathland.
                1. All the timber is certificated, holding the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) mark, giving the customer assurance that the wood has come from sustainable managed forests.
                  1. The forest remains very much a working landscape and all the receipts from timber sales go back into the area helping to cover the costs of tree establishment, conservation and recreation work.
                2. Recreation
                  1. Visitor Attractions
                    1. Museum
                      1. The New Forest Centre - history of the New Forest. The New Forest also home to the famous National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and Buckler's Hard.
                      2. Exbury Gardens
                        1. Wildlife Park
                          1. Finding and photographing
                          2. Tours
                            1. Open top bus safari
                            2. Activities
                              1. Golf
                                1. Walking
                                  1. Horseriding
                                    1. Walking festivals
                                      1. Beach Bus
                                    2. Conservation
                                      1. There are 20 conservation areas in the New Forest National Park, of which three straddle the boundary between the Park and New Forest District Council’s area.
                                        1. Cyclists and walkers use pathways - this means no vegetation or habitats are harmed
                                          1. The New Forest Trust
                                            1. Protecting the Landscape
                                              1. Eradicating Himalayan Balsam
                                                1. Providing Land and Smallholdings for commoning
                                                  1. Removing Giant Hogweed
                                                    1. Creating a community Woodland
                                                    2. Promoting understanding of how the Forest words
                                                      1. New Forest Library
                                                        1. Ferny Croft Scouts Activity Centre
                                                          1. Educating others
                                                            1. Groups and community clubs
                                                          2. Looking After the Animals
                                                            1. Animals are kept
                                                              1. Cows
                                                                1. Horses
                                                                  1. Deer
                                                                    1. Birds
                                                                      1. Donkeys
                                                                        1. Pigs
                                                                          1. Reptiles
                                                                          2. Reflective collars
                                                                            1. Reflective stickers for Pony visibility
                                                                              1. Preventing animal accidents
                                                                                1. Stallion Scheme
                                                                                  1. Publicity for Ponies
                                                                                    1. New forest bat project
                                                                                2. Facts
                                                                                  1. The New Forest has 26 miles or 42km of coastline.
                                                                                    1. The New Forest is one of Britain’s newest and smallest national parks, designated in 2005
                                                                                      1. It has an area of 218 square miles that include 86 square miles of woodland, 61 square miles of heathland and grassland, 57 square miles of farmland, 26 miles of coastland and141 miles of footpaths
                                                                                        1. The New Forest is enjoyed by millions of people every year, the majority of visits (13.5 million) are by day trip visitors
                                                                                          1. Total spending associated with leisure visits to the New Forest National Park is estimated at around £107.6 million. Taking into account ‘leakage’, it is estimated that spending within the New Forest on leisure trips amounts to £72 million.
                                                                                            1. The total number of actual jobs sustained directly and indirectly in the New Forest by visitor activity is estimated to be 2,451.
                                                                                              1. Management
                                                                                                1. See Conservation
                                                                                                  1. Controlled felling
                                                                                                    1. Replanting
                                                                                                      1. Planning for recreational use and conservation
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