The Influence of Martin Luther King Jr
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The Influence of Martin Luther King Jr
1 protests
1.1 methods used
1.1.1 sit-ins; they rufused to leave untill their demands were met
1.1.2 He used large scale marches like the March on Washington and gave epic speeches like "i have a dream"
1.1.3 bus boycotts; black people would not give up their seat for a white person
1.2 all of his protests were non-violent
2 violence vs non-violence
2.1 martin luther king believed that non violent protests were more effective because they would attract more white peoples support
2.2 did all blacks agree
2.2.1 no! some people such as Malcolm X believed that non violent protests were taking to long to force a change into how blacks were treated
2.3 non violent protests from M.L.K Jr gave blacks support from the media and therefore gained a lot of white support
3 how successful was he?
3.1 some could argue and say that Martin Luther King's protests took to long to force a change onto how blacks were treated
3.2 he gained support from a lot of white people with non violent protests
3.3 he convinced JFK to put the civil rights act into congress which stopped segregation
3.4 won the nobel peace prize in 1964
3.5 i believe that he changed peoples views on black people a lot and gained a lot of support however thing would not have been so successful for blacks without Malcolm X and othe violent protesters