Impacts of Tectonic Hazards

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Created by hannah.pickard over 6 years ago
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1 Volcanoes
1.1 Primary
1.1.1 Buildings and roads are damaged by lava and pyroclastic flows
1.1.2 People and animals are killed by pyroclastic flows or ash
1.1.3 Crops are damaged by ash
1.1.4 People are suffocated by carbon dioxide
1.1.5 Water supplies are contaminated by ash
1.2 Secondary
1.2.1 Mudflows form volcanic material mixes with water destruction death injuries
1.2.2 fires started by lava and pyroclastic flows
1.2.3 psycological problems from death
1.2.4 homelessness
1.2.5 food and water shortage
1.2.6 unemployment
1.2.7 acid rain because of sulphur dioxide
2 Earthquakes
2.1 Primary
2.1.1 Buildings are reduced to rubble because of the shaking ground
2.1.2 People are killed or injured by debris
2.1.3 Bridges and buildings collapse
2.1.4 Infrastructure is damaged
2.1.5 Electricity cables are damaged, causing loss of power
2.1.6 Underground sewage, gas and water pipes are broken, cutting off supplies.
2.2 Secondary
2.2.1 Broken gas pipes cause fires
2.2.2 Aftershocks destroy weakened buildings
2.2.3 Closed roads cause congestion and chaos
2.2.4 Families are split up
2.2.5 Homeless people have to sleep on the streets
2.2.6 Lack of clean water causes diseases
2.2.7 No gas, electricity or clean water
2.2.8 Lanslides or tsunamis can be triggered
2.2.9 Psycological problems if family memebers have died
2.2.10 Unemployment because of destroyed businesses and buildings

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