Convergence´s Fundamental Question

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Convergence´s Fundamental Question
  1. Exist an important dichotomy that must be resolved
    1. For business model
      1. Convergence is attractive because journalists be able to produce more news with less money. This means that the media organization should cut cost and increased productivity.
      2. For Journalism
        1. Convergence offer a chance to do a good job by giving to the reporters the tools to tell stories in appropriate way.
        2. For both is important the convergence, because it satisfies consumer demands and lifestyles.
        3. Convergence
          1. Have many definitions
            1. Paul Horrocks, editor of the Manchester Evening News
              1. "Saw convergence as a chance to deliver news and information to consumers in a ner and differente way".
              2. An Swedish delegate
                1. "Convergence had everything to do with mindset".
              3. Have many intepretations
                1. In some parts of the world
                  1. Convergence involves reporter who is a specialist in a particular area.
                  2. For example
                    1. Spain
                      1. A reporter at Marca, specializes in writing not about football, but only about Real Madrid team.
                        1. He writes for all forms of media and is recognize as an authority in that subject.
                      2. United State Of America
                        1. This process is more like to involve newspaper with a local television channel
                          1. This have to be a win - win situation to be successful.
                          2. Rich Gordon, identified five forms of convergence
                            1. Ownership convergence
                              1. Applies to de partnership between print and television. They share information and content.
                              2. Tactical convergence
                                1. Do not require common ownership. That means that is not a colaboration, is a business arrangement.
                                2. Structural convergence
                                  1. Is when media companies re-organize the newsroom and introduce new positions.
                                  2. Information-gathering convergence
                                    1. Is in a journalism leven. It ocurrs when media companies require reporters to be multi-skilled.
                                    2. Storytelling convergence
                                      1. It operate at the level of the working journalist. Every new offers innovative ways to tell stories.
                            2. The business ideal
                              1. See multiple-plataform
                                1. As a way to increase pproductivity.
                                  1. Presents major opportunities to sell multiple-media adversting compaigns
                                    1. Concept "Co-operation"
                                      1. Is the union of the words competition and co-operation, and represents a new form of business where organization that originally were competitors work together.
                                2. The Journalistic ideal
                                  1. If the journalistic values prevalied in the move to multi-plataform journalisum, quality would improve.
                                    1. The quality of content generated by quality staff, will be what difference a great news organization from a mediocre organization.
                                    2. ¿What is Driving Convergence?
                                      1. There are two factors
                                        1. Changing acttitudes & Lifestyles of new consumers
                                          1. A research report by BIGresearch of Columbus found that half of the consumers used multiple media simultaneously
                                            1. The study found that women were more likely than men to consume multiple media channels at the same time.
                                              1. 67% of the women reported regularly watching tv when they go online
                                                1. 59% of the men did the same.
                                            2. Market fragmentation
                                              1. The World Wide Web has introduced another competitor for advertising.
                                                1. The web produce more niche market.
                                                  1. Media managers want to control and protect their audiences.
                                              2. Barries to convergence
                                                1. There a lot of barries, but they depend on the country and on the legislation to create a media organization.
                                                  1. For the Professor James Gentry, of the University of Kansas, they exist " easy" and " difficult" factors to introduce the convergence.
                                                    1. Factors helping " easy" convergence, included:
                                                      1. Leadersgip
                                                        1. The same owner
                                                          1. A flexible culture
                                                            1. Previous relationship between potential partners and no unions.
                                                              1. Co-location of media outlets
                                                              2. Factor helping " difficult" convergence, included:
                                                                1. The organization has different owners.
                                                                  1. Other leadership priorities
                                                                    1. Multiple managers
                                                                      1. Disparate locations and the presence of unions.
                                                                  2. Evolution of Convergence Around the World
                                                                    1. In south East Asia
                                                                      1. Kuala Lumpur
                                                                        1. Media company: Utusan
                                                                        2. Thailand
                                                                          1. Media company: The Nation Group
                                                                          2. South Korea
                                                                            1. Media company: Maeil Business Group
                                                                          3. In Europe
                                                                            1. Germany
                                                                              1. Bertelsmann Group
                                                                                1. Is the pioneer in this country.
                                                                              2. Spain
                                                                                1. Marca Group
                                                                                  1. Capture de 67% of the daily sport market with a combination of daily newspaper.
                                                                                2. The Scandinavian
                                                                                  1. Sweden
                                                                                    1. Aftonbladet
                                                                                    2. Norway´s
                                                                                      1. Aftenposten
                                                                                  2. In the Middle East
                                                                                    1. Strategic alliance and merger within The Arabian Media.
                                                                                      1. Beirut
                                                                                        1. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation and the London- based newspaper Al- Hayat.
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