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Mind Map on Convergence, created by Juan Beetar on 02/04/2017.

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  1. Is....
    1. A way to protect their place in the market
      1. A chance to deliver news and information to consumers in a new and different way, or to expand the franchise
        1. Everything to do with mindset
        2. Forms of Convergence
          1. Ownership Convergence
            1. Applies to the partnerships between large media companies that permits ‘synergy’ cross-promotion and content sharing between print and television owned by the same company
            2. Tactical Convergence
              1. The partnerships that have arisen in the US media. T.C. does not require common ownership
              2. Structural Convergence
                1. Occurs when media companies re-organize the newsroom and introduce new positions. It is more related to newsgathering than management
                2. Information-gathering Convergence
                  1. Occurs at the journalistic level and is for situations where media companies require reporters to be multi-skilled
                  2. Storytelling Convergence
                    1. It operates at the level of the working journalist, though it needs management support for equipment. Every new medium offers innovative ways to tell stories
                  3. Driving Convergence
                    1. It change attitudes and lifestyles of news consumers
                      1. The growth of the World Wide Web has introduced another competitor for advertising, and at the same time the Web has produced more niche markets
                        1. Convergence makes it possible to reach many more members of an audience
                        2. Barriers
                          1. Legislation that forbids a company from owning a daily newspaper and a television channel in the same market has understandably limited the convergence process
                            1. Union concerns for their members’ future
                              1. Companies with strong mono-media traditions such as in the UK or France tend to focus on their traditional strength
                                1. Convergence included a focused leadership, the same owner, a flexible culture, co-location of media outlets, previous relationships between potential partners and no unions
                                2. So....
                                  1. Convergence produces many challenges, for both journalists and publishers.
                                    1. Convergence is about doing better journalism
                                      1. Journalism needs to be a product of ‘‘sense-making based on synthesis, verification and fierce independence.
                                        1. Introduce convergence as a way to save money, reporters could become too busy to verify the information they find and resort to publishing material supplied by professional spin-doctors
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