Food Technology- Modifying Recipes

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Food Technology As revision- modifying basic recipes

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Food Technology- Modifying Recipes
1 Bread
1.1 Functions of bread
1.1.1 Strong white Flour Forms the framework of the bread DEXTRINISATION Effect of dry heat on starch Dextrin forms as a sugar on bread The dextrin is caramelised to give the crust its colour Contains two proteins which make gluten This helps the bread to keep its shape
1.1.2 Water Bind ingredients together Help with the development of gluten For yeast to ferment
1.1.3 Salt Adds flavour aids gluten development
1.1.4 Fat weakens the gluten restricts the action of yeast creates a closer texture
1.1.5 Yeast produces CO2 which makes the bread rise what does it need to do this? Food Warmth moisture time
2 Pastry
2.1 Functions of Pastry
2.1.1 Fat Shortens the product Coats flour to stop water being absorbed gluten can't be formed can spoil flavour of product
2.1.2 flour Aids the structure by being the main ingredient Dextrinisation occurs when product is cooked this caramelised which causes the pastry to have colour
2.1.3 water binds the ingredients together helps form structure
2.1.4 Salt Adds flavour
2.2 Aeration
2.2.1 Folding and sealing flaky pastry traps fat The fat melts causing the pastry to rise
3 Cakes
3.1 Different methods
3.1.1 whisking
3.1.2 rubbing in
3.1.3 melting
3.1.4 creaming
3.2 Functions of ingredients
3.2.1 Flour Dextrinisation Starch changes into sugar Caramelised when cooked giving cake its colour
3.2.2 Eggs enrich the cakes flavour adds protein trap air which helps the mixture to rise and have a good texture add colour and flavour
3.2.3 Margarine adds flavour aids preservation lightens mixture and adds texture
3.2.4 sugar Lightens mixture and adds texture sweetness and caramelisation
4 Sauces
4.1 Functions of sauces
4.1.1 Flour thickens the mixture starch grains gelatinse on heating
4.1.2 Margarine Adds flavour which is absorbed by flour
4.1.3 liquids Its the main ingredient Adds nutrients to the sauce

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