The Trial of Verres 70 BC

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The Trial of Verres 70 BC
1 Who?
1.1 Verres - The accused
1.1.1 Hortensius - The defence
1.2 Sicily - The victims
1.2.1 Cicero - The prosecutor
2 Why?
2.1 Verres had been accused of corruption
2.2 The corruption got worse after his first year, when his governorship of Sicily was extended - as there was no one to replace him due to the slave war with Spartacus + the trouble in Spain
3 Before the trial
3.1 During his farewell speech in Sicily at the end of his queastorship Cicero promised to be a patron of the Sicilian people himself
3.1.1 After 3 years of suffering at the hands of the corrupt governor Verres, they called in the favour + Cicero obliged
3.2 Sthenius did his best to expose Verres - the 2 men had initially been on good terms
3.2.1 However due to Sthenius's wealth it was tradition for Verres to stay with him when visiting the province When staying Verres stripped his house of all his worldly possessions - Sthenius bore the loss of his personal possessions, but prevented Verres from taking any public treasures In revenge - Verres conspired with some of Sthenius' enemies + guaranteeing them success in any legal action against the man - he was charged with forging an illegal document + fled to Rome in fear Verres pursued his vendetta - by supporting a capital charge + pronouncing him guilty, despite Sthenius not being in Sicily to defend himself Cicero defended Sthentius - who was allowed to stay in Rome due to the injustice of the conviction - due to this more men wanted remuneration for the losses they had suffered under Verres The Sicilians turned to Cicero, who obliged
3.3 Verres + Hortensius had tried to sabotage the trial
3.3.1 They were aware that if they could postpone trial until the following year it would be much easier for Verres to be acquitted - as Hortensius was hoping for consulship + some of Verres' friends was hoping for high power positions They created a new trial - against the ex governor of Achaea - a case of provincial mismanagement which required time abroad Cicero was given 110 days to collect evidence in Sicily - the prosecutor the men had hired for the Achaea trial only asked for 108 days - Cicero had to work extra fast + he did in 50 days
4 During the trial
4.1 Due to the previous sabotage attempts + the election going in the favour of Verres Cicero had to act fast
4.1.1 Cicero had to rush his speeches
4.2 Cicero later said - within the first hour he had cut short any hopes the defence still had
4.2.1 The second day they had given up + the third Verres pretended to be ill
4.3 The trial lasted 9 days - at some point in the middle Verres escaped into exile (with some of his treasures)
5 After the trial
5.1 The Sicilians were happy with their compensation
5.2 Cicero later published his full speeches
5.3 Cicero always remained slightly distrustful of Hortensius
6 Significance
6.1 Large publicity due to it being a high-profile prosecution
6.2 Cicero had beaten another man to the prosecution of Verres
6.3 Demonstrated Cicero's wide range of oratorical skills
6.4 Cicero was now considered the leading orator in Rome

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