Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching

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In an important paper on the relationship between theories of teaching and teaching skills, Zahorik (1986) classifies conceptions of teaching into three main categories: science-research conceptions, theory-philosophy conceptions, and art-craft conceptions. I will take this classification as my starting point, illustrating it with examples from the field of language teaching. I will then examine how each conception of teaching leads to differences in our understanding of what the essential skill

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Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching
  1. The field of TESOL
    1. is
      1. Shaped shaped in substantial ways
        1. by
          1. How the nature of language teaching
            1. is
              1. Conceptualized
                1. As with
                  1. Teaching in general
    2. Language teaching
      1. can be
        1. Conceived
          1. in
            1. Many different ways
              1. for example
                1. As a science
                  1. A technology
                    1. A craft
                      1. An art
              2. Different views of language teaching
                1. lead to
                  1. Different views
                    1. as to
                      1. what the essential skills of teaching are
                        1. and to
                          1. Different approaches
                            1. The preparation of teachers
              3. The purpose
                1. is
                  1. To examine conceptualizations of teaching
                    1. which are
                      1. Found in TESOL
                        1. and
                          1. To consider the implications
                            1. of different views of teaching
                              1. For second language teacher education.
                2. In an important paper
                  1. on
                    1. The relationship
                      1. between
                        1. Theories of teaching and teaching skills, Zahorik (1986)
                  2. Classifies conceptions of teaching into three main categories:
                    1. Science-research conceptions, theory-philosophy conceptions, and art-craft conceptions
                      1. Derived from research
                        1. and
                          1. are supported
                            1. by:
                              1. Experimention and empirical investigation
                                1. Zahorik includes:
                                  1. Operationalizing learning principles
                                    1. Following a tested model
                                      1. and
                                        1. Doing what effective teachers do.
                                          1. as examples of ceptions.
                                            1. Science-research conceptions
                        1. This approach involves
                          1. Developing teaching principles
                            1. from:
                              1. Research on memory, transfer, motivation
                                1. and
                                  1. other factors believed to be important in learning.
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