What have I learnt in the progression from the prelimanry task to the finished product?


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What have I learnt in the progression from the prelimanry task to the finished product?
  1. Costumes was a very important role whilst producing the final thriller. This is because we thought it was necessary to stick to the rule of mise-en-scene. This includes setting the costumes, hair, makeup, props and settings. Looking back at our preliminary exercise the mise-en-scene was not that much of a big deal as we filmed it in one day and did not have much time.However we did try and make the best out of it as it was set in a classroom which set the setting of being in a school and props were used such as pens to set the characters. But whilst planning the final product we took the mise-en-scene into consideration very much. We worked very hard on the costumes of all of the characters and the props that were used. We made sire that the setting was appropriate and would match the action of what is happening. The progression of the mise-en-scene was very successful as everything turned out the way we wanted.
    1. Throughout the process of making the final product many skills and techniques were introduced. From the preliminary task we did not have many skills about how tp edit in Final Cut Express, camera angles and how to add effects. During the process of the conducting the final product, I gained skills that I did not know before and that I used in the editing process of the final thriller. The sources of technology also developed as the cameras we used were much better for the final product as they were HD. The programmes that we used to edit such as LiveType was also introduced to us.
      1. Due to time, we as a team could see the progression from the preliminary task to the final product. This is because whislt filming and editing the preliminary task we planned, filmed and edited all within a week. Because of the short time we was given we did not really focus on perfection and quiality. However, due to the time given to produce our final thriller, we really took it into consideration. We planned way before filming which gave us time to perfect the storyline. Whilst filming we took into consideration all of the skills and techniques that we learnt over the year. The amount of time we had for our final product gave us time to set the scenes, characters and make the editing to the standards we wanted. Time was a big importance as it gave us time to plan and produce.
        1. The sound and music used really progressed from the preliminary task to the final product. In the preliminary task we did not use any music because we thought that it wasn't necessary. But however in the final product we used an instrumental mostly all the way through the film. We also added in sound effects for the title sequence which made it match the action. Whilst filming the preliminary task we had difficulties with the sound as it was not captured. However we took this into consideration as the sound captured for our final product came out fine. Linking back to time this gave us longer to be able to adjust the sound in Final Cut Express for our final product.
          1. The camera angles and shots that we used in the preliminary task was just simple. There was not many camera angles and shots due to the fact that there was not much to the storyline. We used match on action and eye line shots in the preliminary task which we did not use in the final product. The pan and over the shoulder shot was done very well in the preliminary task which we was very happy about. In our final thriller we tried to use as many shots and angles as possible. We used over the shoulder, pan. tracking shots, eye line matches and close ups. At the end of it all we found out how to produce them altogether and learnt how to cut the shot when it was not needed.
            1. Planning was a very important role in our thriller product as we had to plan exacally what we wanted at what time of the film. We had to make sure that we would be able to carry out the process correctly. We did not plan out our preliminary task as it was only a short task which we was able to plan out on the spot. The progression of being able to think ahed was very good as we thought hard about whether it would be sucessful or not. We learned that planning is one of the main concepts of making and producing a thriller film as it sets a guide for us to complete.
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