Of mice and men themes

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Created by anya14 over 5 years ago
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Of mice and men themes
1 loneliness
1.1 G - not lonely as has L but after L dies he will become
1.2 L- innocent not to fear loneliness
1.3 candy - after dog shot, has nothing
1.4 crook - always lonely, not used to company
1.5 curleys wife - no other women, tries to befriend my hanging round the bunk house
1.6 "they got no family"
1.7 go to "susy's place" to get some company
1.8 ranch workers find it strange that G+L go everywhere togther
2 dreams
2.1 G+L farm
2.2 curlys wife - movie star
2.3 candy - farm with GL. his money makes the dream possible
2.4 crooks - seen as equal as everyone else
2.5 "aint go nothing to look ahead too"
2.6 dreams keeps them going
2.7 dreams are crushed = curlys hand - end boxing= curlys wife-ends her dream
3 fate
3.1 G wants control but hasn't got it
3.2 G in control of L fate
3.3 cant change fate
3.4 foreshadowing - L is strong, likes red and soft, harms things = curlys wife fate
4 women
4.1 curlys wife
4.1.1 lonely and frustrated. flirts for company- men don't like it has no name hast got her own life shes never done anything wrong curlys idea of being there for her is covering his hand in vasseline
4.2 L aunt clara
4.3 Susy the prostitue
5 race
5.1 crook is an easy target for the boss to give "hell"
5.2 crook - ignored
5.3 white man domination country
5.4 crook is the 1st one to realise the dream wont happen as hes used to dissapointment

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