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WJEC B Geography Case Study

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1 One Multinational Company: reasons for locating in countries at different stages of economical development and the local, regional or national economic and social effects of these decisions
2 What is a Multinational company?
2.1 large businesses which have branches in several countries. also known as transnational companies
2.2 Some examples are; Sony, Microsoft, Nokia and McDonalds
3 Where does Nokia make and complete some of its development tasks and Why?
3.1 China - Batteries
3.1.1 Because it is cheaper to make and ship around the world
3.1.2 Because they can employ more people cheaply
3.2 Singapore- Sim Cards
3.2.1 also because the materials and equipment needed to make the sim cards is a lot cheaper. as well as cheap employment.
3.3 UK- Research and Development
3.3.1 Because the UK has one of the highest numbers of people with Nokia Phones
3.4 USA- Marketing
3.4.1 because it also has a high number of customers
3.4.2 As an MEDC is able to branch out to all other countries easily
4 How are these places of Nokia's Branching effected?
4.1 The UK based market research and development Facilities are located in Cambridge and Farnborough which are places and towns where people live. however this part of Nokia causes more traffic through those areas as people are travelling in and out of the area to work. However with the facilities being around these areas it means that more people can access jobs and work from the research and development company to create income for their families
4.2 In Singapore and china where the parts are made it opens up many jobs for people living in the vicinity of the factory meaning more families will have an income coming in meaning it would reduce the levels of poverty. However it is cheap labour so the employees would not be paid much at all for all of the work they do.