The principles of the care value base

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The principles of the care value base
1 The seven principles of the care value base
1.1 1) The promotion of anti-discriminatory practice
1.2 2) The promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety
1.3 3) Respect for, and acknowledgement of, personal beliefs and individual identity
1.4 4)The maintenance of confidentiality
1.5 7) The provision of personalised (individual) care
1.6 6) The promotion of effective communication and relationships
1.7 5) Protection from harm and abuse
2 The care value base is a set guidelines that every care practitioner has to follow to provide effective services to their clients.
2.1 All care workers should follow the principles of care when working with individuals, to make sure they all receive the correct care they need.
3 For example, In domiciliary care it is important that HCP maintain confidentiality by ensuring that patients notes are kept private and are not left in public places e.g. on the bus when caring the notes to and from places
3.1 Another example is, in nursing, it is important to promote anti-discriminatory practice. This allows everyone and equal opportunity to treatment and access to services regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
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