The Rate of Photosynthesis

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Evangeline Taylor
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The Rate of Photosynthesis
1 The rate of Photosynthesis is affect by the intensity of:
1.1 Light
1.2 Carbon Dioxide
1.3 Temperture
1.4 Water
1.4.1 When the plant short of water that it becomes the limiting factor in photosynthesis
2 Limiting Factor depend on the Conditions
2.1 Any of these three factors can become the limiting factor
2.1.1 It's stopping the photosynthesis from happening faster
2.2 Environmental Conditions
2.2.1 Light
2.2.2 In Winter it's often the Temperture
2.2.3 If it warm and bright enough then Carbon dioxide is usually the limiting factor
3 Three important Graphs of rate of Photosynthesis
3.1 Too little Carbon dioxide also shows it down
3.1.1 Carbon dioxide is one of the raw material need for photodyntheis
3.1.2 As the intensity the amount of carbon dioxide will only increase the rate of photosynthesis up to a point The graph flatten off as the CO2 is no longer the limitng factor
3.2 Not enough light shows down the rate of photosynthesis
3.2.1 As the Light Level is rasied, the rate of photosynthesis increase steadily - but only at a certain point Because another limiting factor has affect the rate of photosynthesis Light is the energy need for photosynthesis
3.3 The Temperture has to be just right
3.3.1 If the temperture is the limiting factor If it too low - the enzymes work more slowly If too hot - the enzymes it need for photodynthesis and its othe reactions will be damaged
4 You can artificially create the ideal conditions for farming
4.1 The most common is the greenhouse