Distribution of Organisms

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Distribution of Organisms
1 Organisms Live in Different Plants because The Environment Varies
2 A habitat is a place where an organisms lives
2.1 E.g. a playing field
3 The distribution of an organism is where an organism is found
3.1 E.g. in a part of a playing field
4 Where an organism is found is affected by environmental factors such as:
4.1 Temperture
4.2 Availability of Water
4.3 Availability of Oxygen
4.4 Availability of Carbon dioxide
4.5 Availability of nutrients
4.6 Amount of light
5 Use Quadrats to Study the Distribution of Small Organisms
5.1 1. Place the quadrats (1m x 1m) in a random area on the ground
5.2 2. Count all the organism within the quadrat
5.3 3. Repeat Step 1 and 2 as many time as you can
5.4 4.Work out the mean number of organisms per quadrat
6 Use Transects to Study the Distribution of Organism Along a Line
6.1 Transect can help you find out how organisms (like plants) are distributed across an area
6.2 1. Mark out the line - using a tape measure
6.3 2. Collect data along the line
6.4 3. count all the organism you're interested in that touch the line
6.5 4. Or, collect data by using a quadrat. these can be placed next to each other along the line or at intervals
6.5.1 For example, every 2m
7 When collecting Environmental Data You need to think about...
7.1 Reliability
7.1.1 Make sure that your results are reliable Which means making sure they are repeatable and reproducible
7.2 Validity
7.2.1 For your result to be valid they must be reliable and answer the original Question You need to control all the variables