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1 Explain the advantages for blind people or having a hands-free attachment to their phone.
2 A user wants to use the Easy Walk service while travelling through different countries. Explain why it might not work on their mobile phone.
2.1 They might only have a phone that works in England.
2.2 Might need to turn roaming on
3 Prolonged use of mobile phones can have health implications. Give examples of these.
3.1 Cancer and tumors.
3.2 damage to fertility and reproduction.
3.3 DNA damage
3.4 damage to there biological process
3.5 health of children and younger people
4 Being blind or partially sighted could make you a target for mobile phone thieves. What steps should all mobile phone users take to prevent their mobile phone from getting stolen?
4.1 They can have a chip in the phone that if it goes missing it can be fount.
4.2 if you have a guide they could save it for you.
4.3 not have a phone at all.
4.4 Leave there phone at home.
5 Bluetooth is used in the Easy Walk service. What are the limitations of Bluetooth?
5.1 1. Speed. Bluetooth is not designed for high-speed data transfers.
5.2 2. Range. The range of communications is often limited to a few feet (I've seen as few as 2 and as many as 30).
5.3 Compatibility. Some devices do not have profiles compatible with the devices you want to connect with.

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