Enzymes and Digestion

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Enzymes and Digestion
1 Digestive enzymes breakdown big molecules into smaller ones
1.1 1. Starch, protein and fats are BIG molecules
1.2 2. Sugars, amino acids, glycerol and fatty acids are much smaller molecules
1.2.1 They can pass through the walls of the digestive system easily
2 Diagram of convertion of enzymes
3 Bile neutralise the stomach acid:
3.1 Bile is produced in the liver
3.2 Bile stored in the Gall Bladder before released into the Small intestine
3.3 Bile is alkaline
3.3.1 It neutralise the acid and makes conditions alkaline
3.4 Enzymes work best in alkaline condition in Small intestine
4 Emulsifies
4.1 It emulsifies fats
4.1.1 Breaks the fat into tiny droplets Gives a bigger surface area of fats for enzymes lipase to work on. Which make it digestion faster
5 More on enzymes and digestion
5.1 The breakdown of food is catalysed by enzymes
5.2 1. Enzymes used in the digestive system
5.2.1 Produced by specialised cell in the glands and gut lining
5.3 2. Different enzymes catalyse the breakdown of different food molecules
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