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1 Context
1.1 Washington DC
1.1.1 Middle class
1.2 Ragtime
1.2.1 Stride piano
2 Recording
2.1 1940
2.2 Chicago
2.3 RCA Victor
2.4 Multiple microphones
2.4.1 Ribbon microphones
2.4.2 2 - 4 parts
3 Structure
3.1 Rough 12 Bar Blues
3.2 Intro, CHx7, Coda
4 Instruments
4.1 Valve Trombone, Juan Tizol, CH1
4.2 Trombone Solo, Joe Nanton, CH2
4.3 Trombone Solo, Joe Nanton, CH3
4.4 Piano, Duke Ellington, CH4
4.5 Trumpets in unison, CH5
4.6 Double bass, Jimmy Blanton, then ENS, CH6
4.7 Full ENS CH7
4.8 Reduced ENS, Coda
4.9 Reduced ENS, Coda
4.10 Alto, Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick
4.11 Clarinet, Barney Bigard
4.12 Tenor, Ben Webster
4.13 Barri, Harry Carney
4.14 Trumpets, Wallace Jones, Cootie Williams, Rex Stewart
4.15 Trombones, Lawrence Brown
4.16 Guitar, Fred Guy
4.17 Drums, Sonny Greer
5 Tonality & Harmony
5.1 Eb Minor
5.2 Aeolian
5.3 Bluesy feel with clashing chords
5.4 Avoidance of modulation
6 Ye Olde Duke McEllington Effect
6.1 Collective Improv
6.2 Chords arranged for sections of reeds, trumpets or trombones- one to each note
6.3 Unison Melodies or riffs
6.4 Antiphonal effets, call and resonse, counter melodies
6.5 Solo improv accompanied by contrasting sections and rythm section


  • Your smelly!
6.6 His piano playing is used very sparingly, just highlighting the x motif throughout
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