Pride And Prejudice Themes

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Pride And Prejudice Themes
1 Pride And Prejudice
1.1 Pride: having to high and opinion of ones worth or importance
1.1.1 Darcy: Proud of social standing; Has the most pride: Quiet nature makes him seem aragant
1.1.2 Lizzy: Not naturally proud; Darcy hurts her pride at the first ball= more proud of herself; assumptions of people
1.1.3 Lady Catherine and Caroline Bingley: proud of class
1.1.4 Mr Collins: changes on company- lower class= high pride, upper= humble
1.1.5 Jane: little pride
1.2 Prejudice: making a judgement on others that is not based on fact or experiance
1.2.1 Darcy: towards Bennets
1.2.2 Lizzy: towards Darcy for offending her
1.2.3 Mrs Bennet: towards Darcy for being rude about her family. This changes when he proposes to Lizzy.
1.2.4 Lady Catherine: lower class
1.2.5 Bingley Sisters: Lizzy as Miss B wants to marry him and he likes Lizzy. Jane as they feel she is not good enough for their brother.
2 Love
2.1 Lizzy and Jane will only marry for love
2.1.1 Uncommon view at the time
2.2 Social class and reputation are more important to begin with
2.2.1 Bingley goes to London and Darcy tries to deny feelings for Lizzy
2.3 Love is a luxuary
2.3.1 Charlotte and Mr Collins as they need to marry
2.3.2 Mrs Bennet trying to marry Lizzy to Mr Collins in order to keep their home
2.4 Love at first sight
2.4.1 Jane and Bingley
3 Marriage
3.1 Arranged marriage
3.2 Marry for money
3.3 Collins marries Charlotte as an expectation
3.4 Mrs Bennet tries to get all her daughters married of throughout the whole novel
3.5 Couples with Love
4 Reputation
4.1 Darcy
4.1.1 Reputation of: arrogant, disagreeable and proud
4.1.2 Saves Lydias' reputation. Pays for her marriage
4.1.3 Marrying Lizzy wouldn't ruin social repuration
4.2 Lizzy
4.2.1 Not concerned about her reputation Cares more about Jane's health than her reputation
4.3 Lydia
4.3.1 If Wickham didn't marry her, she would have a bad reputation. Compremises whole family
4.3.2 Outrageous flirt
4.4 Wickham
4.4.1 Uses looks and charm to get good reputation True nature being revealed ruins this
4.4.2 Concerned as to how he might gain from others reputations
4.5 Reputation Prejudice Pride Losing Reputation
5 Social Class and Women
5.1 Social Class
5.1.1 Darcy appears differently to different classes: higher= amiable and caring lower= proud and arrogant
5.1.2 Prejudice towards lower classes Miss Bingley, Mrs Hurst, Mr Collins and Lady Catherine
5.1.3 Lizzy goes against society at the time
5.2 Women
5.2.1 Humour at behaviour Mrs Bennet: silly, hysterical, no moral descrimination
5.2.2 Lydia represents vanity, ignorance and being idel
5.2.3 Lizzy Prefers conversational fencing as opposed to gossip and small talk Characteristics are not the norm for women of the time Whit, intelligence and independace Sets her apart form everyone
5.2.4 Lizzy goes against society for the time

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