The Normans

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The Normans
1 Feudal System
1.1 King
1.1.1 Earl Baron Peasant(Serf)
1.1.2 Bishop Knight Peasant(Serf)
1.1.3 Abbot Knight Peasant(Serf)
2 Castles
2.1 Motte and Bailey
2.2 Stone Keep
2.2.1 Walls Could be over 60 meters tall Could be around 5 meters thick Slit Windows for archers
3 Origins
3.1 Vikings settled in normandy
3.1.1 Invaded and settled England and Wales
3.2 Diarmuid MacMurrough
3.2.1 Went to Henry II Henry II Sent Normans Richard de Clare(Strongbow) Maurice Fitz-Gerald Robert Fitz-Stephen
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