Design and Technology

Oliver H
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KS4 (GCSE) Year 8 (DT) Mind Map on Design and Technology, created by Oliver H on 04/22/2014.

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Oliver H
Created by Oliver H over 5 years ago
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Design and Technology
1 Mechanisms
1.1 Motion
1.1.1 Cams Levers
2 Electricity
2.1 Flow of spare electrons through a material
2.2 Materials with large number of spare electrons = conductors
2.2.1 Materials with few = Insulators Air, Wood, Plastic Very high resistance Impede flow of spare electrons
2.2.2 Gold, silver, bronze, steel, water, etc
2.2.3 Very low resistance Doesn't impede flow of spare electrons
2.3 LED's
2.3.1 Politic [Have +/- poles] Must be connected correct way round
2.4 Symbols
2.5 Potential Dividers
2.6 Sensing Circuit
2.7 Current
2.7.1 The physical number of spare electrons moving
2.8 Voltage
2.8.1 The push causing the spare electrons to move
2.9 Transistor
2.9.1 Transistors = Switch Take small current and turn into large one Amplification