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A-Levels History - Russia Mind Map on WW1, created by Gemma Bradford on 05/08/2013.

Gemma Bradford
Created by Gemma Bradford over 6 years ago
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Gemma Bradford
1 Political
1.1 Lack of strong leadership
1.2 Tsar led army
1.2.1 Left Russia in control of Tsarina Influenced by Rasputin 1907 Fired and hired officials involved with Royal courts Believed to have healing power over heir to throne 1916 Murdered by a group of nobles Destroyed confidence in Tsar
2 Economical
2.1 Increase in taxation
2.2 Heavy borrowing from abroad
2.3 1914-1916 Prices rose by 200%
2.4 Gold standard abandoned
2.5 Military spending
3 Military
3.1 First claim to food
3.2 Priority use of transport
3.3 Lack of equipment
3.4 Ran by Tsar
3.5 Poor conditions
4 Social
4.1 Large number of refugees in Petrograd
4.2 1916 - People received 1/4 of food than in 1914
4.3 Lack of food supplies due to army controlling railways

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