From Tsardom to communism- Russia


Key dates and figures for Russia 1914-1924
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Why was it difficult to control Russia at the start of the century Russia was huge and had poor transport systems. The people were impoverished and oppressed and the Tsar had to use the army and force to keep them from overturning his power
What sparked the 1905 revolution? Bloody Sunday (22nd Jan) when 200,000 people marched peacefully on the winter palace and were greeted by armed soldiers.
What were the effects of Bloody Sunday? Millions striked in St. Petersburg called on by the soviets. Leading to the Tsar signing the October manifesto
When did Japan defeat Russia in war? 1904- this led to general dissatisfaction with the way things operated in Russia.
When was Rasputin assassinated 1916- but this was too late t save the Tsarina's reputation.
When did the Tsar abdicate? March 1917- the march revolution. He is succeeded by the provisional government
What were the April Thesis? A series of speeches given by Lenin in 1917 with the main slogan of 'Peace, Bread, Land'
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