Geography case studies: Unit 1

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Geography case studies: Unit 1
1 Climate change
1.1 Iceland
1.1.1 wheat growth possible
1.1.2 glaciers will melt by 2200
1.1.3 fish population could be effected by currents
1.2 Malawi
1.2.1 desertification
1.2.2 cotton production will increase
1.2.3 5 billion could suffer from water stress by 2025
1.3 reducing carbon output
1.3.1 government international agreement, the Kyoto protocol invest in renewable energy reduce public transport cost
1.3.2 individual recycle waste use public transport double glazed windows
2 Living in an active zone
2.1 Sichuan earthquake
2.1.1 80% of houses destroyed
2.1.2 Rice crop destroyed
2.1.3 87,000 people dead
2.1.4 liquefaction
2.1.5 landslide blocked river, "quake lake"
2.2 Grimsvotn eruption
2.2.1 Ash cloud
2.2.2 Jokulhaup, flood cause by melted water from sub-glacial lake
2.2.3 dangerous gases
2.2.4 pyrocalstic flow
2.2.5 sub-glacial lake, ice melts due to heat and flows into the caldera (a crater)
2.3 monitoring, preparing and response
2.3.1 volcano, soufriere hills volcano diffusion tubes siemograph topograph grapgh, measures amount of magma
2.3.2 Shake out education in california about earthquake drills
2.3.3 buildings in japan are built to withstand earthquakes
2.3.4 sichuan responses temporary camps set up food and shelter sent in search and rescue teams and army medical supplies
2.4 yellowstone super volcano
2.4.1 large earthquakes before the eruption
2.4.2 crops destroyed
2.4.3 ash would block out the sun
2.4.4 global temperatures would drop up to 10 degrees
3 Water and rivers
3.1 Boscastle: river management
3.1.1 soft engineering afforstation washlands
3.1.2 hard engineering embankments flood walls
3.2 Gulfoss waterfall
3.2.1 tourism litter foot path erosion
3.2.2 processes hydraulic action abrasion
3.2.3 features gorge plunge pool over hang
3.3 meanders
4 Development
5 Globalisation
5.1 Coca cola in india
5.1.1 sold waste as fertiliser which was toxic
5.1.2 drained water supply to make product causing water stress
5.1.3 provided people with jobs and money
5.1.4 created consumer market and development
5.2 Nokia
5.2.1 cheap labour in dominican republic
5.2.2 expanded to china due to increased consumer marke
5.2.3 interdependence
5.3 Tata
5.3.1 indian owned MNC important source of income for india
5.3.2 Tata nano is affordable and cheap for families
5.3.3 increases emissions
5.3.4 more conjestion
5.4 brain drain
5.4.1 migrants take local jobs forcing many to be unemployed
5.4.2 boosts work force and economy
5.4.3 migrants send money or remitenses back to family
6 Populaton
6.1 migration
6.1.1 counter-urbanisation pull quite due to less traffic friendlier scenery and wildlife safer due to less crime push cities and towns are busy and over crowded pollution high crime rate
6.1.2 Rural-urban: Limpopo to guateng push no electricity lack of money seasonal wet and dry climate 60% of people live below the poverty line low quality of life pull better jobs and pay better quality of life average income is 7X greater
6.1.3 seasonal migration
6.2 india
6.3 malawi

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