Tourism - Case Studys

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Tourism - Case Studys
1 Eco Tourism - Galapagos Islands
1.1 Where are they?
1.1.1 Chain of volcanic islands
1.1.2 1000KM's of the west coast of South America
1.2 Why people go there?
1.2.1 90% of land is national parks
1.2.2 Darwin formulated his theory of evolution there
1.3 Impact of tourism?
1.3.1 Animals are stressed and abandon younge
1.3.2 Land has changed from forests to small Urban areas due to hotels.
1.4 How are tourists Managed?
1.4.1 Number of tourists restricted
1.4.2 Only allowed in honeypot sites
1.4.3 "The Galapagos Island Trust" gives £25 from every tourist to help
1.4.4 Locals give boat rides to inform tourists of how to help
1.5 How tourism has helped?
1.5.1 Enviromentaly
1.5.2 Economic
1.5.3 Traffic Congestion
2 National park - Pembrokshire
2.1 Where is it?
2.1.1 South West Wales
2.2 Why people visit?
2.2.1 Outdoor activities
2.2.2 Smallest city in the UK
2.3 What's the impact of tourism?
2.3.1 Footpath erosion
2.3.2 Conflict between farmer and visitors
2.3.3 Traffic Congestion
2.3.4 Change the characteristics of quite villages
2.3.5 Increase of house prices
3 Tourist Resort - Blackpool
3.1 Problems in Blackpool
3.1.1 1000 hotels have closed
3.1.2 Cheep package holidays
3.1.3 Unpredictable weather more day trips than holidays
3.1.4 Looks very run down
3.2 Attempts to improve Blackpool
3.2.1 Smarten up run down areas
3.2.2 New attractions
3.2.3 Beaches have been cleared up
3.2.4 Off season events e.g. confrences
3.3 How affective have the strategies been?
3.3.1 Not very effective
3.3.2 On average only 25% of hotel rooms are full
3.3.3 Suffers from poor image
3.3.4 Failed to win super casino bid
4 Mass tourism in a tropical destination - Jamacia
4.1 Where is it?
4.1.1 Tropical island in the Caribbean (West Indies)
4.2 Why People go there?
4.2.1 Wide beaches
4.2.2 Rum & Reggae culture
4.2.3 Beautiful weather
4.3 Impact of tourism
4.3.1 8% of population is employed in tourism
4.3.2 Tourism contributes 20% of GDP
4.4 How is tourism managed
4.4.1 Encourage Eco-Tourism
4.4.2 Build Eco Lodges
4.4.3 Encorage use of bikes and use local products
4.4.4 Encourage community tourism
4.5 Problems caused by mass tourism
4.5.1 Original fishing port has been replaced by hotels
4.5.2 water sports & anchors damage coral reef
4.5.3 Hotels pump sewage into the sea
5 Tourism in extreme environments - Antarctica
5.1 Where is it?
5.1.1 In the southern hemispher
5.2 Why do people go there?
5.2.1 See the wildlife
5.2.2 Extremely cold
5.3 Impact of tourism?
5.3.1 Tourists arrive by cruise ship Participate in extreme sports
5.3.2 Visit nests
5.3.3 This leads to... Animal becoming stressed Cruise ships causing oil spills Putting in toilets changes the natural landforms of Antarctica Introduction of foreign seed species
5.4 How tourism is managed
5.4.1 All tour operators must be a member of IAATO
5.4.2 Ships must depose of there waste somewhere else
5.4.3 Not allowed at sights of special scientific intrests
5.4.4 Only clean footwear allowed
5.4.5 No more than 500 people at a time
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