Studland Bay, Coastal Habitats

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Created by will.kingston over 5 years ago
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Studland Bay, Coastal Habitats
1 it is a bay in Dorset, south west England
2 there are sandy beaches around the bay, with sand dunes and heathland
2.1 the heathland is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI)
3 popular tourist destination
4 it provides a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife
4.1 Reptiles like adders, grass snakes, sand lizards and slow worms
4.2 Birds like Dartford warblers (a rare bird in England), shelducks and grebes
4.3 Fish like seahorses- it's the only place in Britain where spiny seahorses breed
4.4 plants like marram grass and lyme grass
5 lots of people walk across the sand dunes which causes lots of erosion so the national trust manages it so there is less damage
5.1 Boardwalks are used to guide people over the dunes so the sand beneath them is protected
5.2 some sand dunes have been fenced off
5.3 information signs have been put up to let visitors know why the sand dune habitat is important

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