Blood as Metaphor in body of contemporary art

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Blood as Metaphor in body of contemporary art
1 Susan Sontag
1.1 The Culture of Blood
1.1.1 Blood as Ritual/Performance Dawn Permutter Pagan/Christian/Other Tribal Religious Rites of War Artist Ron Athley Herman Nitche
1.1.2 Biology and Culture George Engel Biocultural view Biomedical View Lawrence Hill The Cultural Power of Blood Divides Unites Reveals
2 Evelyn Fox Keller
2.1 The New Art Studio
2.1.1 Martin Kemp New Links Collaboration New Perspectives
2.1.2 Lynn Gamwell Artist Response to Science/Culture Observation Experience Materials
3 Ede Sian
3.1 Blood as Metaphor in Art
3.1.1 New Constructs New Meanings of Human Nature New Technologies Ethics Universalist Artist Eduardo Kac Herman Nitche Ron Athey
3.1.2 Symbols Eternity Life Death Power
3.1.3 BIOART Vitalistic Tactic Prophylactic Tactic James Bradburne Caroline Jones

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