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physics Revision
  1. gases
    1. moveina a rapid random motion
      1. all particles move at different ranges of speeds
        1. weak inter molecular forces meaning they don't touch
          1. will never touch each other
          2. solids
            1. fixed shape because of weak inter molecular forces
              1. vibrate around a fixed point
                1. difficult to break due to strong bonds
                  1. in rows
                      1. liquids
                        1. at least 50% of particles are touching
                          1. particles can flow over each other
                            1. have weak inter molecular forces but they are strong enough to stay close together
                            2. energy to store
                              1. elastic
                                1. magnetic
                                  1. thermal
                                    1. chemical
                                      1. gravitational potential
                                        1. kinetic
                                          1. nuclear
                                          2. presure
                                            1. presure=force/area
                                              1. the presure must be equal to the outside
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