Particle model


solids,liquids and gases
Alicia  Wallace
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Alicia  Wallace
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Particle model
  1. Solids
    1. Vibrate.
      1. Fixed position.
        1. Strong bonds.
          1. Can't be compressed
            1. All of the particles touch.
            2. Liquids.
              1. 50% of the particles touch.
                1. They are in an irregular patter.
                  1. Strong bonds but not as strong as solids.
                    1. The particles can flow freely
                    2. Gases
                      1. Particles move in a random rapid motion.
                        1. Particles move at a range of speeds.
                          1. Weak bonds.
                            1. Can be compresses.
                              1. Particles don't touch.
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