Nazis and the Church

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New South Wales - Higher School Certificate (HSC) Modern History Mind Map on Nazis and the Church, created by tom-oo on 05/09/2013.

Created by tom-oo over 6 years ago
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Nazis and the Church
1 Threat
1.1 Nearly all Germans - Christians
1.1.1 belief = powerful Obey God > Obey Hitler Church Ideals Kindness vs Nazi ideals Anti Nazi
1.2 Church spread anti nazi ideas
2 Benefits of Church
2.1 Votes
2.1.1 Protestant pastors = Good nazi speakers
2.2 Common Grounds
2.2.1 Military 1936 - priests + army enter rhineland
2.2.2 Family Life
3 Treatment
3.1 1933 March
3.1.1 Hitler Christianity = "the unshakable foundation of the moral life of our people"
3.2 Deceptive kindness
3.2.1 1933 - Hitler tells a coleague "One is either a christian or a german"
3.2.2 Helmut Thielicke 1933 Hitler used christian vocab reported propaganda - he drew strength from god
3.3 Hatred
3.3.1 Meeting of Faith movement "kill the priests"
4 Faith movement
4.1 Pagan
4.1.1 Sun centre blue background
4.1.2 Nature worship
4.1.3 Marriage Pagan rituals + setting Sun flag Bowls of fire Torch bearers

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