The other peace treaties

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The other peace treaties
1 General Information
1.1 The other four defeated countries were given treaties with the Treaty of Vesailles acting as a template for the terms
1.2 The other countries had to expect disarmament clauses, repaprations and lose of territory
1.3 Follwoing the point of self-determination, new nations were set up also.
2 Treaty of St Germain (Sept. 1919)
2.1 This treaty was signed by the Allies with Austria. The break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire led to Austria and Hungary becoming independent states. Austria was neither allowed to unite with Germany.
2.2 By the end of the war, rebellions of the Empire, such as Serbs, Czechs wanted independent states
2.3 Loss of land to Italy included: South Tyrol, Trentino, Istria and Trieste (all on the boarder with Italy)
2.4 Land given to new independent states including Czeckoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia
3 Treaty of Neuilly (Nov. 1919)
3.1 Signed by Allies with Bulgaria. It had 296 clauses.
3.2 Considered to be the most leniant as only 2,563 sp km of land was lost in total.
3.3 Land given to the newly formed state of Yugoslavia (Northern Macedonia)& to Greece (Western Thrace) & land given to the newly formed state of Romania (Dobrudja)
3.4 Bulgaria also lost access to the Aegan Sea
3.5 Bulgaria had to pay £100 million in reparations and the Bulgarian army limited to 20,000 men
4 Treaty of Sevres (Aug. 1920)
4.1 Signed by the Allies with Turkey and the treaty wished to reduce Turkish influence on Europe as the Ottaman Empire had vast power before the 20th century
4.2 Land was lost and had less influence in Europe, with land being given to Greece, Italy and Cyprus had officaily become British
4.3 Saudi Arabia became independent and Mesopotamia, Palestine and Syria became League of Nation mandates and were to be run by France and Britain.
4.4 Armenia and Kurdistan became independent states and Turkey lost the rights to Sudan and Libya
5 Treaty of Trianon (Jun, 1920)
5.1 This treaty was signed by the Allies with Hungary.
5.2 2/3 of its land was lost which was very severe for the nations and complained about this reduced land.
5.3 Land was given to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Romania and the new state- Yugoslavia

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