Is the US Constitution Still fit for purpose?

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Created by jmrboswell over 5 years ago
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Is the US Constitution Still fit for purpose?
1 Yes!
1.1 Federalism is a good compromise between strong national government and decentralisation (required do to diversity)
1.2 Text has adapted to changes in American society
1.3 Demanding amendment process has usually prevented ill-conceived amendments
1.4 Enumerated rights and freedoms have been protected
1.5 Judicial review has made it even more adaptable - 'interpretative amendment'
2 No!
2.1 Formal amendment is very difficult, even with majority support
2.2 Judicial review gives unelected justives too much power
2.3 Some parts are outdated (electoral college, second amendment, congress' power to declare war etc.)
2.4 The Founding Fathers wanted to prevent factions, but the Constitution institutionalises gridlock - bipartisanship has been replaced by hyperpartiasnship
2.5 Global foreign policy significance of the US unexpected - growth of presidential power

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