STV (Single Transferable Vote)

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Nat 5 Modern Studies - STV description with advantages and disadvantages.

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Modern Studies - Democracy in Scotland/UK.
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STV (Single Transferable Vote)
1 Used to elect local councillors.
2 Voters get ONE ballot paper. They rank chosen candidates in order of preference (1,2,3 etc). All 1 votes then counted; if no candidate is elected the bottom candidate drops out and their 2 votes counted until there is a winner
3 Advantages
3.1 Voters have great deal of choice. Candidates ranked 1,2,3 so multiple candidates chosen.
3.2 Produces coalitions which are more representative of what people want. More representatives because more parties.
4 Disadvantages
4.1 Can be seen as complex. Voters have to rank candidates in numbers instead of putting an X next to a name.
4.2 More than one representative in each ward. (3, or 4) with creates confusion as to which councillor to contact

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