Blood Brothers

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Created by lmg719 over 6 years ago
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Blood Brothers
1 Characters
1.1 Mrs Johnstone
1.1.1 Naturally Kind and Loving
1.1.2 Values others over money
1.1.3 Knows right from wrong
1.1.4 Hard to discipline
1.1.5 Trapped by poverty
1.1.6 Superstitious
1.2 Mrs Lyons
1.2.1 Wealthy, dependant
1.2.2 Husband spends a lot of time at work
1.2.3 Doesnt Show affection
1.2.4 Self Centered, Manipulative
1.2.5 over protective Becomes superstitious
1.3 Mickey
1.3.1 Lower Class
1.3.2 Rough Upbringing
1.3.3 Twin that was kept
1.3.4 Streetwise
1.3.5 Suspicious of kindness due to older siblings
1.3.6 Blood brothers with Edward
1.3.7 Shy about Emotions
1.3.8 Energetic, Bright, witty
1.4 Edward
1.4.1 Well educated
1.4.2 Middle Class
1.4.3 Generous when he always has more than needed
1.4.4 Polite
1.4.5 Innocent
1.4.6 A bit Spoiled
1.4.7 Naive
1.4.8 Unaware of the world
1.4.9 Selfless I.e, tells Linda to go for Mickey despite liking her
1.5 Linda
1.5.1 Feisty, humourous
1.5.2 Working Class
1.5.3 Naturally kind, compassionate
1.5.4 Defends Mickey
1.5.5 Strong Willed Supportive of Mickey
2 Themes
2.1 Social Class
2.1.1 Poor Mickey and the Johnstones
2.1.2 Rich Edward and the Lyons
2.2 Nature Vs. Nurture
2.2.1 Edward brought up being smart and kind
2.2.2 Mickey was brought up roughly
2.3 Superstition and fate
2.3.1 Mickey and Edward getting killed
2.3.2 When Mrs lyons puts shoes on the table
2.4 Friendship
2.4.1 Mickey and Edward
2.4.2 Mickey, Edward and Linda
2.5 Education
2.5.1 Edward, Private school
2.5.2 Mickey, goes to a lower class school
2.6 Families
2.6.1 Johnstone Mickey Sammy
2.6.2 Lyons Edward Divorced Parents
2.7 Childhood and games
2.7.1 Mickey, Linda and Edward play with BB guns
2.7.2 Playing Pirates in act 1

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