LEDC Rural(India)

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National 5 Geography LEDC Rural (India) - Notes

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LEDC Rural(India)
1 Rural change in India
1.1 2. Biofuels
1.1.1 Plants grown to create ethanol Pro. cheap to produce Con. expensive to produce
1.2 3. GM (Genetically Modified) Crops
1.2.1 HYV seeds businesses have been made full of nutrients
1.3 4. Diversification
1.3.1 Not happened in India
1.4 5. Farmers Debt
1.4.1 Rich farmers buying equipment eg. machines, fertilisers They are used to the idea of debt and borrowing money
1.4.2 It is a risky gamble for poor farmers
1.5 6. Co-ops
1.5.1 group of farmers working together using each others resources
1.5.2 provides farmers with: Agriculture advice Access to machines Easy access to loans
1.6 1. New Technology
1.6.1 Green revolution
1.6.2 Mechinisation
1.6.3 Greenhouse
1.6.4 Biogas Plants lighting, cooking, heating
2 Intensive Subsistence Farming
2.1 Subsistence Farmers
2.1.1 Growing food for their own consumpsion
2.2 Labour Intensive
2.2.1 Requires a lot of people
2.3 All done by hand as there is little ££ to buy machinery
2.4 Done 3 times a year as there is no frost or winter
2.4.1 Animals used eg. Water Buffalo manure used as natural fertiliser
2.5 Farms are intensive, small and mostly grow rice

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