4c Computer networks at home and work

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A level, A2 IT (Chapter 4) Mind Map on 4c Computer networks at home and work, created by Gladys Mba on 03/09/2017.

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4c Computer networks at home and work
1 Advantages
1.1 At work
1.1.1 O- Share files
1.1.2 O- Security updates received by internet
1.1.3 O- Make backups, deploy software, set up antivirus centrally
1.1.4 O- limits on how much each employee can print
1.2 At home
1.2.1 O- Shared pictures and videos to all devices
1.3 O- Can share one high quality peripheral such as a printer, rather than buying many low quality peripherals for each device
1.4 O- Can share internet connection
1.5 O- Superiors/ parents can monitor what others are doing
1.6 O- If sharing house, they can pay for internet and spilt the cost
2 Disadvantages
2.1 At work
2.1.1 X- May use network to chat for social reasons
2.1.2 X- Confidential files may be viewed by unauthorised people
2.1.3 X- Computers connected to printers must always be on for others to access the printer
2.1.4 X- needs extensive amount of cabling
2.1.5 X- Requires specialist technical staff to maintain network
2.1.6 X- Need large no. of hot spots to cover a large building
2.1.7 X- server failure can affect productivity or all the business
2.2 At home
2.2.1 X- Less family interaction due to too much time on computers.
2.3 X- Access to internet may expose kids/ employees to unwanted material
2.4 X- Wireless network can be accessed by people on the street if not set up correctly
2.5 X- Difficult to install cable for network throughout building
2.6 X- If sharing peripherals, there may be arguments on who printed what and who should buy replacement, paper and cartridges
2.7 X- May not be allowed to install cable in rented house
2.8 X- May not be enough ports on router/ switch for all people
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