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1 Photoshop
1.1 Throughout the construction process I have been looking at using different programs to widen my knowledge and to use more advance tools. Photoshop was a program that I haven't used before and I mainly use it for editing my digipak photos. This was a very useful program to have as you are able to use different functions to edit our photos on. I was able to change the levels on photos and the hue and contrast. This was very helpful due to the photos needed editing due to them being very dull. Also photoshop was very helpful when creating the CD circle template I was able to blend 2 of my photos to make the photo more appealing and effective
1.1.1 In AS I didn't have the skills or software at all to use Photoshop. I have developed my skills much more this year due to having the resources. Last year the photo editing software that I used for anything was PicMonkey. This was a very low skilled piece of software but now i have gained new skills in Photoshop.
2 Indesign
2.1 I used indesign was a big bulk of creating the digipak for our group. This was the software that I used to stitch the photos together and create our final product. This helped me gained knowledge on placing and merging images together which I didn't previously know how to do.
3 YouTube
3.1 This was the platform that we decided to use to use to present our final product on. Its a easily accessable site that we was able to also embed into our blogs which is very effective.
4 iPhone
4.1 As a group we started to film using a Sony DSLR camera for our shots however the iPhone camera allows to shoot in 4k quality which was much higher than the Sony camera that we was using. We also use the iPhone camera for some of the digipak photos as again they were much more higher quality compared to our other shots.
5 Final Cut Pro
5.1 To edit our final product we decided to use Final Cut Pro, this had so many functions to use in comparison to last year where we used Premiere Pro. We was able to use new technologies such as the green screen to merge our shots. It also had advanced functions such as colour correction to make our shots look a lot more sharper and professional.
5.1.1 In AS our group used Premiere Pro to edit our final product on. This was very basic software which we used to stitch together our product. This was of a very basic and simple standard. However I now have skills in using the higher software Final Cut Pro.
6 iMac
6.1 We were fortunate to have some of the computers upgraded in the media room to iMacs, these had all of the Adobe Suites installed on them. I had a lot more higher software installed onto it which allowed me to have more opportunity to delvope my skills on different programs. I was able to use programs such as Indesign to create mood boards ECT.
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